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Westside leader named Tech Educator of the Year

Dr. Lynn Spady, Westside Excellence in Youth Curriculum Director, has been named the  2019 Tech Educator of the Year by AIM.

AIM is an innovative not-for-profit community organization that grows, connects and inspires the tech talent ecosystem.  AIM recognizes six individuals or businesses annually to honor outstanding achievements within the tech community.

Criteria for the Tech Educator of the Year required the nominee to be a dynamic K-12 or postsecondary educator who has risen to the top of the profession as an outstanding technology educator/administrator, a dynamic colleague, and a caring mentor to students. This person is a key player in developing and building the Youth IT Pipeline. Dr. Spady currently teaches K-6 enrichment and accelerated 6th grade math, she has taught at Westside High School for 21 years, she is a current Chair on Westside’s Computer Science design team, and she is a sponsor of Westside’s Girls Who Code program.

Dr. Spady was recognized at a banquet hosted by AIM in November.

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