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Important Message From the Westside Foundation

Dear Westside Community:

We are writing to you to bring your attention to a very challenging situation facing the Westside Early Childhood Centers (WECC) and Club 66 programs in the Westside School District. The unprecedented situation with COVID-19 has placed WECC and the Foundation in a precarious financial position.

As you know, Westside Community Schools has had no option other than to close its school buildings, at this point at least through the month of April. Most of the WECC programs are conducted in district buildings, thus we’re unable to operate during these closures.

Specifically, there is no revenue stream from the over 1,000 students that WECC serves, yet because of the uncertain duration of this crisis, we continue to pay the teaching staff, because it is imperative that we have this assembled workforce when the crisis ultimately abates. The WECC program is critically important to families of both teachers and students in our district, and for over 40 years, we have had one of the premier childcare and education programs in Nebraska.

If we are unable to pay our WECC teachers during this non-operational time, we run the risk of losing many teachers, and therefore being unable to reopen our centers and serve our children in a timely fashion, either for the summer programs or possibly in the fall when the 2020-2021 school year begins.

So, we’re asking for your help, in the form of financial support to provide a bridge to when we can again become operational in the WECC. Please consider a contribution, and if you’re so inclined, you can do so by visiting the Westside Foundation website at, or by calling or emailing Terry Hanna at (402) 660-0607 or

If donating online, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

We genuinely appreciate your consideration. The WECC Teachers Fund is critically important to the future of the WECC program, the Westside Foundation and Westside Community Schools.

Very truly yours,

Dr. Mike Lucas, Superintendent
Westside Community Schools

Terry Kroeger, Board Chair
Westside Foundation

Julie K. Oelke, Program Director
Westside Early Childhood & Club 66

ELEMENTARY | Start 8:40 - Dismiss 3:30 ( Wednesdays | Dismiss 3:00 )
MIDDLE SCHOOL | Start 8:00 - Dismiss 3:15 ( Wednesdays | Dismiss 2:44 )
HIGHSCHOOL | Start 8:00 - Dismiss 3:10 ( Wednesdays | Dismiss 2:50 )