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Dickhut, Mosier named 2018 Schrager Distinguished Teachers

The Phillip and Terri Schrager Foundation graciously presents the Schrager Distinguished Teaching Awards and $10,000 to two Westside Community Schools educators, Kim Dickhut of Swanson Elementary and Angela Mosier of Westside High School. Congratulations to these incredible teachers who, through exemplary teaching and devoted service, have positively influenced the lives of countless young people.


Kim Dickhut, a veteran teacher who has dedicated her career to elementary education, is a lifelong learner who has gained the admiration and respect of staff members and students alike. Kim has been a Westside Elementary Schools educator for 11 years, currently a 6th grade teacher at Swanson Elementary. She is an award-winning member of the Nebraska Association for the Gifted, using her background in gifted education to personalize learning for each student. Kim uses modeling, personal responses to writing, and visual cues to assist in the understanding of her students’ learning, stretching the minds of her students to think beyond an assignment and critically analyze each task. Through flexible grouping, readers and writers notebooks, and provoked, personal reflection within her students, Kim challenges learners to be better critical thinkers on all subjects from algebra to literature. You will often see a smile or hear a small gasp when a student makes a comparison or analysis that many say is unreasonable or unexpected for such young students; in Kim Dickhut’s class, it is a daily occurence. Due to Kim’s high level of expectations for her students in all content areas, she is assisting in preparing our learners to have and to understand the skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century.

Throughout her 20 years in public education, she has embraced and evolved with each changing trend and practice through the completion of three Masters degrees and hands-on professional development at Westside and beyond. She is known to take active notes of her students’ thoughts, contributions and reflections to assist not only their learning, but her own to better enhance her instruction. She inspires a passion for learning in all of her colleagues, sometimes by simply placing a book in a mailbox with an orange Post-It saying ‘enjoy!’ Never complacent, Kim is quick to explain she always has more to learn and more growing to do, continuously improving in every aspect of the profession for the best interest of all students. Kim Dickhut has always broken through the glass ceiling to provide the best education possible for all learners, and we are proud to call her a Schrager Distinguished Teacher for 2018.


Angela Mosier, a nationally recognized Math Teacher at Westside High School, is an accomplished educator constantly inspiring students as well as fellow teachers. Angela was the Nebraska Teacher of the Year in 2013, she was selected as a state finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching in 2015, and was awarded the Edyth May Sliffe Award for Distinguished Teaching of Mathematics in 2007. Still, Angela and her colleagues would say her proudest achievements are in the success of and connections with her students and coworkers. Angela is an extraordinarily passionate educator working daily to integrate innovative teaching practices in her classroom, while simultaneously collaborating with colleagues to spread her passion to others. She connects with students on an individual level, and truly utilizes modular scheduling in a way that helps all students be successful. During her ‘free time’, there is always a student sitting with Angela seeking additional support; students feel comfortable working with her and know she will support them, often returning to her for guidance even when she is no longer their teacher. It is clear in her actions she truly believes all students can and will be successful, and she works to help all learners believe that about themselves.

Angela is an educational leader at Westside, throughout the state of Nebraska, and beyond. She is a certified Apple Teacher and technology leader, always willing to assist others to best utilize and innovate with all resources available. This year at Westside, Angela worked personally with five new teachers to help them feel welcome and supported, ensuring the overall educational experience at Westside remains strong. She is a member of at least six professional organizations, serving numerous leadership roles, and has been a vital influence on everything from the revision of state math standards to state math association conferences. Angela Mosier’s body of work, through awards, experiences and the intangible successes of her students, proves her exceptionally worth of the 2018 Schrager Distinguished Teacher Award.


Our sincere thank you to the Philip and Terri Schrager Foundation for awarding $380,000 and counting to Westside educators.

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