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Boundary Engagement Process Planning Begins

The Board of Education met on Wednesday, June 13, 2018, to discuss the comprehensive Boundary Engagement Process to take place in the Fall of 2018 into January of 2019. The meeting took place from 5:00pm-8:00pm at the ABC Administration Building and was open to the public, with notice posted prior on the District website. Click here to view the agenda. Please note: the official minutes of this meeting will be approved at the July 16th Board of Education meeting, and posted thereafter. The following is a summary only, intended to best inform all stakeholders of this meeting.

Attending the 6/13 meeting:

**Board member Meagan Van Gelder’s absence was excused, as she was attending a commitment set up prior to her election as a Board of Education member**


This first meeting as part of the 2018-2019 Boundary Engagement Process was arranged to provide the Board of Education an opportunity to set clear goals and priorities and to have candid discussion related to District boundaries and potential changes.

The meeting began with a presentation by Adam Denney of Felsburg, Holt and Ullevig, who conducted a traffic study at the District’s expense on the areas impacting Sunset Hills Elementary and Swanson Elementary.

RSP & Associates, hired by Westside Community Schools to assist in the Boundary Engagement Process, then offered an initial presentation and engaged Board members in several exercises focused on criteria and considerations as the district re-starts this important discussion.

RSP & Associates, led at the meeting by CEO Robert Schwarz and Education Planner Clay Guthmiller, encouraged Board members and District leaders to discuss why the first round of boundary discussions in Spring of 2018 were not successful.

RSP & Associates then provided advice on the creation of committees and meeting structure throughout the Boundary Engagement Process. Once finalized, those elements will all be made publicly available on a special Boundary Engagement Process section of the Westside Community Schools website.

The Board then contributed to a candid, open discussion about their desires and intents moving forward with the Boundary Engagement Process. Among the identified guiding principles are:

The top theme that emerged from Monday’s informational session was to keep the focus in the Boundary Engagement Process on what is best for all students who attend Westside Community Schools.

All information regarding the Boundary Engagement Process will be publicly available through a new special section of the Westside Community Schools website. We will share this via direct email, social media, and mailer when complete.

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