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Committee Members

Dr. McCann and other District leaders chose members of the Boundary committee, which includes parents, empty-nesters, community leaders, and staff. In gathering names, Dr. McCann asked school principals for recommendations, and invited input from community members actively involved with Westside Community Schools. Several members contacted the district directly and asked to be included on the committee. And some who were contacted about serving on the committee declined the invitation. All who were invited or asked to serve on the committee were advised that each could only miss one meeting, as the committee was only scheduled to meet five times; their full participation was and is crucial to the success of this process.

To date, six committee members have resigned or left the committee due to multiple absences. As of the second Public Forum on November 8, the Boundary committee included eight representatives from Loveland, six representatives from Sunset Hills, and seven representatives from Swanson. It is important to note that this committee is not a voting body; its role is to recommend scenarios and offer comment to Dr. McCann, who will ultimately offer a final recommendation to the Board of Education.

A full list of Committee members names is available by request by emailing Molly Hurley at

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