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Student Services

Student Services serves students and families in the following five areas: enrollment, registration and records; student welfare; student safety and emergency operations planning; attendance and discipline; and reporting and compliance.

Enrollment, registration and records

Enrollment, registration and records covers online enrollment and the Westside Welcome Center at the ABC Building, residency verification and monitoring, data privacy and security management, report cards and transcripts.

Registration for District Residents:

Next School Year (2017-18): To enroll a K-12 student for the 2017-18 school year (District residents only).

Here is more information about the process and the documents you will need (PDF).

             Student In-District Transfer Requests:

If you are a District resident and would like your K-5th grade student to attend a different elementary school (other than the school that serves your attendance area) for the upcoming school year, a Student In-district Transfer Request form must be submitted to the ­­­­­Student Services Coordinator for review.

The Learning Community procedures allow school districts to give transfer priority to families living within the District prior to placing Open Enrollment students who reside outside the District.  We must receive a Student In-District Transfer Request form by March 15 at 4 p.m. of the current school year in order for your request to be considered prior to the Open Enrollment placements. Forms are available at any elementary school, at the ABC Building or on the Student Forms page.

A Student In-District Transfer Request form must be completed for any child starting kindergarten next year who has a sibling currently attending a school outside of their home attendance area. If you have questions about in-district transfers, please call 402-343-2603.

             Student Records and FERPA

Annual Notification of Rights 

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) gives parents, as well as students 18 years of age and over (“eligible students”), certain rights with respect to the student’s education records. This notification provides you with information about those rights.  Westside Community School Board Policy 5220 sets forth the school district’s compliance with FERPA, and Regulation 5220R sets forth procedures for that policy. Additional information on FERPA (PDF)FERPA opt out form (PDF).

            Student Records/Release of Information (PDF).

Student Welfare

Student welfare includes the School Social Work Program, School Nurses Program and Child Protective Services Reporting as well as serving as a liaison for students experiencing homelessness.

Student Safety and Emergency Operations Planning

Student safety and emergency operations planning is comprised of the School Resource Officer Program, Standard Response Protocol coordination and school emergency and crisis response.

Attendance and Discipline

Attendance and discipline involves attendance tracking, truancy referrals and due process compliance.


Transportation covers internal and Learning Community routes, special services routes, field trips, activities/athletics, and charters as well as District vehicles.

Reporting and Compliance

Reporting and compliance is comprised of state data reporting, federal civil rights data collection, Title VI and Title IX.

Student Fees

The Board of Education recognizes some school activities may require additional costs which should be borne by students as a separate charge. Such charges will be kept to a minimum and in some cases may be waived as specified below depending upon the student’s eligibility for the free and reduced-price lunch program. In addition, in special cases where the parent/guardian requests that the fee be waived, the administration, under the direction of the Superintendent, shall determine granting of waivers. No fees, specialized or non-specialized attire or equipment shall be required of students outside this policy. This policy does not apply to tuition payments by nonresident students. Full policy and fees (PDF). Student fee waiver form (PDF).

Contact Student Services

Alan Bone
Student Services Coordinator
(402) 390-2150

Melissa Thompson
District Registrar/Welcome Center
(402) 343-2603

Heather Weist
PowerSchool Specialist
(402) 408-8587

Julie Thacker
Administrative Assistant
(402) 390-2107