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Westside students score top honors in Drake Physics Prize competition

Three Westside High School students, David Atri-Schuller, Daniel Guo and Danny Berentson, have earned some of the highest placements in the country in the Drake Physics Prize competition.  Atri-Schuller finished 2nd overall, the highest any Westside High School student has ever placed.

Eight Westside students took the annual test, administered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Drake University.  Hundreds of students take the test each year.  In addition to Atri-Schuller’s 2nd place finish, Daniel Guo placed 11th and Danny Berentson placed 41st.  They along with three additional students, Zach McCarty, Preston Noll and Alexandra Duminy, are all eligible for special scholarships to Drake.

“I don’t think I’ve had so many qualify in a single year for a possible scholarship,” said WHS Physics teacher Judith Stucky.  “Six of the students received letters asking them to interview for scholarships.  I think David’s placement is the first time I’ve had anyone in the top 10, definitely the first in the top three.  It is a very difficult test and to be ranked is quite an honor.”

The students will also receive personal invitations to tour the Drake campus and Physics and Astronomy programs.

“This is not as much a credit to me as it is to the students, their hard work and the quality of education they have received over the years at Westside,” said Stucky.  “For some of them this is their 3rd year of physics at Westside, so it is wonderful that they have an opportunity to follow their passion so far during high school.”

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