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Westside Foundation to open new childcare center

The Westside Foundation will open a new child care center in 2019 for up to 100 students inside what is now Countryside Church. The future owners of the church, Coram Deo, entered into the agreement with the Foundation this fall. It will allow the Foundation to operate an early childhood program on the building’s lower level.

“We’re excited to see our building used in ways that will serve and bless the broader community,” said Coram Deo Lead Pastor Bob Thune.

Additionally, the agreement allows church members to use Westside parking. It also gives the Foundation the first right of refusal to buy the church, should Coram Deo ever decide to sell. The church is located at 8787 Pacific Street, separated by only a parking lot from Westside High School.

The Westside Foundation offers childcare services at most district elementary schools. Every center has earned the highest rating possible in the state. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Coram Deo expects to get the keys to the property in the spring of 2019. The Foundation plans to then start construction, flipping some office space into classrooms that will meet all the latest early childhood regulations. Classes will begin soon after.

“We are excited to partner with our future neighbor, Coram Deo,” said Foundation Chairman Sue Seline. “Coram Deo currently holds their church services at Westside Middle School. They have been a great tenant for the District and they have seen dramatic membership growth. We look forward to working with them in their future home.”

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