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Westside Educator Named 2018 NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow

Westside Middle School teacher Angela Madsen has been selected by the NEA Foundation as one of 48 public school educators nationwide to become a member of this year’s class of Global Learning Fellows.

Madsen, an English, Language Arts and Social Studies educator at Westside Middle School, was selected from more than 400 applicants from across the country. She will spend a year studying to understand and act on issues of global significance, while creating lessons plans for students that are freely shared with other educators around the world.

“I want to enhance my knowledge and practice so I can advocate more effectively that global competence, especially in our current climate, is as essential to student success as literacy,” Madsen told the NEA Foundation. “When I learned of this Fellowship I thought it would be the perfect experience to help me continue on my journey of helping students develop into global citizens who will guide us into the next century and beyond.”

Madsen, who just marked 20 years with Westside Community Schools, is known at Westside Middle School for offering her students experiences and knowledge beyond the confines of a classroom. Throughout the year, Madsen brought in elected representatives and community leaders to answer questions and discuss current events. She is also a key volunteer with the Westside Teammates program, partnering students with mentors to further help them grow and thrive in both education and in life.

Over the course of a year, Madsen and other 2018 Global Learning Fellows will take part in online coursework, webinars, collegial study, a professional development workshop, and a 9-day international field study next summer.

“I am excited by the opportunity to bring the world into my classroom,” said Madsen. “I look forward to working with some of the finest educators in the nation to help our students become the leaders of the next generation.”

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