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WCS moving to electronic flyer distribution

Westside Community Schools will transition to an all-digital distribution system for information regarding external organizations and activities effective July 1, 2017.

Approved by the Board of Education March 20, this move will allow District staff to be more efficient with both time and resources.  Currently, the Communications department and our school staff members organize and distribute thousands of flyers throughout our schools every week.  This information will continue to be available on our website,, and distributed electronically by schools at each principal’s discretion.  District-related events will still be permitted for distribution via flyers.

To ensure all children and families learn about these activities and events, Westside Community Schools will distribute two Activities Booklets twice a year to all elementary age students.  These booklets will be handed out in August and January.  Organizations wishing to include a flyer in these booklets must meet the same requirements currently in place and the flyer must be approved by WCS Communications.  A fee will also be charged to external organizations submitting flyers for booklet distribution to cover District costs to share information about these events.


Thank you for sharing opportunities with all of our learners at Westside Community Schools!

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