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State Senators See Success At Westgate Elementary

Members of the Nebraska Legislature recently visited Westgate Elementary to see evidence of the success in Westgate’s reading programs.

At the invitation of Superintendent Dr. Blane McCann, four State Senators spent time at Westgate on Monday to learn firsthand what Westside educators are doing to help all students become proficient in reading by the end of third grade.

In the last five years, Westside’s percentage of students reading proficiently and no longer in need of reading intervention has increased to 84.5% (in kindergarten through grade six, a jump from 73.3% in 2012.)

Senators Lou Ann Linehan, John McCollister, Burke Harr and Theresa Thibodeau joined Board of Education members Beth Morrissette, Adam Yale, Kris Karnes and Doug Krenzer for a presentation from Westgate teachers and a tour of kindergarten classes in session.

The experience offered a firsthand glimpse into what Westside educators do daily to ensure all learners become proficient in reading at the earliest stages of their school experience.

Westgate, a Title 1 school, has a high percentage of children living in poverty and this school has demonstrated incredible success; 91% of students, in 2015-16 based on the NESA test, are reading-proficient by the end of third grade.

“I was pleased so many accepted our invitation to visit with our staff to learn more about our primary reading programs,” said Dr. McCann. “We are helping ensure we reach all goals to help each and every student learn to read, giving them a clear pathway for future success in school and beyond.”

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