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Senators offer legislative advice for Westside community

A panel of legislative experts provided their advice Monday night to Westside stakeholders.

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“This meeting stemmed from a conversation last year about how is school funded” noted Board of Education member and meeting moderator Beth Morrissette.  “How do we get our dollars?  People said, we want to learn more about the process and how our partnership with the Unicameral works.  This is a starting point.”

The bipartisan panel included State Senators Joni Craighead, John McCollister and Burke Harr, former State Senator Steve Lathrop and legislative lobbyist Sean Kelly.  With an estimated $1 billion dollars going to K-12 education annually, these experts helped educate all in attendance about how the legislative process works and how constituents can make the largest impact on the decision making process.

The panel noted when, how and who you talk to are all important factors, suggesting the following:

The panel also strongly encouraged all stakeholders to be informed.  Check out where you can see a full list of bills and where they are at in the process, which senators make up which committees, and their contact information.

The panel reminded stakeholders to ask: how much does your senator know about that particular bill or issue?

Regarding education specifically, sitting state senators noted there are several bills they are watching closely.

As the meeting closed out, several people including Westside Board of Education members and panel participants expressed gratitude to the stakeholders who attended the meeting, and to everyone who has reached out with questions.

“The access you have to your state senators is like no other state,” said Dr. Blane McCann, Westside Community Schools Superintendent.  “These representatives actually listen.  As a constituent, it is your right to go up and see how the process works.  Your voice is important.”

“Call anytime, or email,” said Senator McCollister.  “Thank you for being here to be part of the process.”


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