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Leaders, Community Members Discuss School Boundaries

Westside Community Schools leaders and community members joined in November to discuss growth throughout the District in both student population and school buildings. Discussions included the pros and cons of moving geographic boundaries, however, no final decisions have been made.

Sunset Hills Elementary School, currently under construction, will increase in size from one class per grade level to two over the next several years. The District will aim to balance student numbers, while keeping neighborhood concepts in place. Safety is also a consideration as we discuss this topic.

Principals and building representatives from Oakdale, Loveland, Sunset Hills and Swanson Elementary Schools, as well as administrators and community members, took part in a meeting to discuss potential ideas to address district growth. This committee will continue to meet throughout December, possibly beyond if additional time is needed. The committee will then meet with our District Community Clubs to gather additional input and insight regarding any change in boundaries. Finally, the District will host a Town Hall meeting to share the work of the committee. Any potential changes will likely include a grandfather clause, allowing families to continue attending their current school.

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