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Alert for families: Is your child watching 13 Reasons Why?

Like many area school districts, our teachers and staff have recently noticed the new Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why , trending among teens. The series, based on the popular book by Jay Asher, depicts a group of high school students trying to piece together a story left behind by their classmate, who died by suicide.

In addition to suicide, the episodes expose viewers to numerous other social issues that could be difficult for young students to understand and process. Mental health professionals have expressed concerns that the series potentially glamorizes suicide and does not offer information regarding mental illness and available support. If your child is watching 13 Reasons Why, or even if they haven’t, please take a moment to talk with them and assure them help is available and suicide is never the answer.

CLICK HERE for a list of talking points from the Kim Foundation we hope will help you discuss this difficult topic. If you or your child need more information or support, feel free to contact your school counselor.  There are always resources available to help, both in Westside Community Schools and across the Omaha area. Thank you in advance for taking a few moments to keep these important lines of communication open as a family, to ensure all of our students are safe.  

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