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Updated October 8, 2018

All Westside families, staff members, stakeholders and community members are encouraged to share feedback on the Boundary Engagement Process. All comments and questions are submitted to RSP, the advising firm assisting the district throughout this process, and to the Boundary Committee. When possible, answers to questions are included below, along with additional comments submitted through our website. Click here to offer feedback and community input. All are encouraged to attend a second Public Forum on Thursday November 8 at 6:00pm at Swanson Elementary/Swing School, 3534 S. 108th St.

Please note, many of the comments below include reference to the three potential scenarios presented at the Public Forum on September 27.  These are only proposed scenarios; no decisions have been made. Each proposed map is viewable by clicking the associated link.

Click here for the Public Forum presentation.

Click here to view Option3_Balance

Click here to view Option2_Block

Click here to view Option1_Association

Click here to view current Westside Elementary School Boundaries.




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